Dave Thompson – Occult Writer and Psychic


Magik for Hire
Most any type of High Magik

Love, Money and Curses

Let me do the work for you!

Sorcery services, most anything from love spells, to work related rituals, to protection and curse jars.

After purchase, you’ll get an opportunity to email me what it is you need. 

Be as complete as possible. 

I’ve been doing this for decades. In just a few minutes, I can determine what is needed, then I’ll design a custom ritual attuned to just you. 


Ritual Services FAQ

Q: Will you work any ritual?

A: Only High Magik. Rituals using deities or other spirits. I won’t work necromancy or voodoo, but I can work most other magik. 


Q: How fast will the magik work?

A: Like anything, results will vary. The hardest magik is love/romance magik, as it needs to work on a 3rd party, and we have no idea how susceptible they are to being manipulated. This is fine for sex magik, but isn’t the best for actual love. 


Q: Will I need to do anything?

A: All depends on the magik. Mostly, you will need to set out an offering to the spirit to be used in this ritual, to be placed on the ritual sigil I create. 


Q: I’m being attacked, can you help stop it?

A: Yes, but it will take a while, as the attacking person isn’t going to stop easily. My method is to stop their magik. 


Q: When can you work the ritual.

A: As soon as payment clears, I’ll work the ritual at the next opportunity. My magik is effective no matter when it’s worked. 


Q: How will I know you worked the magik?

A: I typically take a cell phone photo of the ritual as soon as I have finished. It’s always an image of my altar with the sigil and candles. 


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