Dave Thompson – Occult Writer and Psychic


Unleash Your Power with High Magick

This is your chance.

I will teach you ANYTHING you wish to know about magick… 

Enochian Magick? Yes

Demonology?  Yep

Greek Gods? Of course.

Maybe dangerous beings? Sure!

  • Imagine yourself waking up each morning ready to take on your day powerfully and knowing that your money troubles were a thing of the past…
  • Imagine going to the store and buying what you WANT without counting coins…
  • Imagine being able to provide for your kids easily so they can have whatever it is they want /need without you stressing out how on earth you will pay for it.
  • Imagine family vacations to some of the coolest places on earth and knowing that when you get home the money you spent will be right back into your account.
  • Imagine being happy and healthy taking great care of your physical, mental and emotional body with the best food, classes, support you need without flinching.
  • Imagine FINALLY having the relationship you dreamed of. You and your spouse getting along, maybe you reignited an old flame how about marrying the partner of your dreams?
  • Imagine living in YOUR home driving YOUR dream car?
  • How about being able to help those around you?
  • Your community?
  • Maybe even making a HUGE impact on humanity GLOBALLY?

Maybe you’ve tried everything.

Have you taken classes and worked on every type of magic method around?

How many books have you tried?

Is your bookcase stuffed with book after book? And still no results?

Here’s a little trade secret: most magicians will never share their secrets.

That all is about to change! 

Dave has helped hundreds of people achieve their dreams. Lovers have come back, lawsuits have been won, money has suddenly appeared in their lives. 

The impossible is suddenly POSSIBLE!

Yeah. How’s a little one-on-one, private tutoring in magick strike ya? 

What you get:

  • LIVE One on One instruction in how to craft a High Magick Ritual for your desire.
  • Three (3) Live Zoom calls.
  • I’ll take you from ZERO to Sorcerer in as little as 4 weeks.
  • Already experienced? Let’s expand your knowledge and get you to an even higher level of magick.
  • Two custom sigils crafted by Dave to assist you in achieving your deepest desire.
  • Custom ritual to ANY being you wish to summon. Want a ritual to Apollo, we’ll work WITH Apollo to craft a effective ritual.  Same with Nitika, Bune, Belial, or even Sorath!
  • I’ll walk you through each ritual as needed.
  • I’ll work up to two rituals with you to add my power to yours.
  • Unlimited email & messenger access to Dave for the 30 days.

All of this for only $599.00 


 Enroll now!


What past students are saying:

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