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Book of Life: Manifestation Book

Book of Life

There are several similar books by other authors. One is just for money, and another is for anything. In each case, these books are linked to a specific cosmic being. 

This book is different. 

This book first came to me in April of 2020, during the pandemic. In a deep state of meditation, another celestial being (I call her the Avatar) led me into astral and we left the planet. I then met with a wizard looking man, long white beard. He sent me an image of a symbol, or sigil. 

A new sigil that is tied to this book. The sigil looks like a TV antenna with a triangle.

Whatever you write in this book will manifest in your reality. 

I have created a set of instructions which will allow you to create the same book.  I have links in the handout for the book I bought, plus the markers I use to draw the sigil. The handout will have the sigils that are needed, plus how to activate the book. 

It’s really very, very easy. 

And this sucker works.  

Get the handout for only $5.49 (US) with instant delivery.

This is kinda what EnRoq looks like. Or, at least this is the image he sends me. 

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