Dave Thompson – Occult Writer and Psychic


Current classes - all archived and available as downloads.

Luciferian Money Magick

Leverage the Prince of Darkness for your money needs. $159.99

Daemonic Money Magick

An overview of all daemons who assist in bringing you money! $78.99

Hacking the Law of Attraction

Hacking away at the Law of Attraction, so that it actually works! $94.99

Magick Of Lilith

A Left Hand Path mini-class


Bune - Left Hand Path Class

The magick of Bune, Duke of Hell, and master of drawing money!


High Magick 101

The class that started it all

High Magick 101!!!

The Servitor Class

Still only $45.00 (CHEAP!)

Nitika Money Magick

Nitika, genius Spirit of Wealth


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