Dave Thompson – Occult Writer and Psychic


Thinking of booking Dave for a reading?

I read what energies are at work now, and energies and situations can change greatly.

I also do energy work as well, as needed. 

 All live readings are done via Zoom – a video conferencing software that allows Dave to interact with you and allows him to furnish you with a recording of the session.


$175- 1/2 hour

$300-1 hour 

The in-depth reading includes past life and Akashic records readings, mediumship contact and potential futures. 

Book using Paypal only:

These buttons will take you to my new booking calendar, and after payment, you are all set! Zoom links will be sent to you a day prior to the session, and 1 hour prior to the session. 

Book using a payment other than Paypal:

Here's what other clients are saying about Dave's abilities!

Want a TAROT reading?

For the first time ever, I’m offering actual Tarot Card readings.

The two methods are all done by email or messenger.

CHECK your email after Purchase to get the link to submit your query!

A Video chat, 15-min time limit, where I will answer one or two questions using tarot. 

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