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Exploring the Role of Gods as Guides in Magik

Gods as guides?

(This question arose from a student in my masterclass, but the answer needs to be in the open)

In magik, the gods we utilize do not want us worshiping them. 

But – they are more than willing to assist us along our path. Some gods, the less trustworthy types, might want to allow us to stray off our chosen path if it suits them, but for the most part, they’re willing to teach us. 

Sometimes, in the case of Kali, this lesson isn’t a happy one. She often destroys one’s current, comfortable life to allow us to grow and get onto the path of our ultimate choosing, but it’s a painful change. 

You see, often change isn’t full of happy, singing forest animals and birds. It’s usually a rampaging bear kicking down the door, chasing us out into the woods where wolves are waiting. 

If you consider most daemons were once worshiped as gods, then they’d be a good choice to explore as guides. In most texts, a common trait among daemons is “answering truthfully all questions” and “teaching”. If that isn’t a definition of a guide, I dunno what is. 

So then my thoughts turn to what guides are, in reality? Most of us have one, or two. I first learned of this concept from an interview with Dr Kubler-Ross in 1984. Her journey with meditation while exploring the ultimate outcome of death. 

From there, I began meditation, then exploration of my higher self and then working with my guides. 

There are many, many schools of thoughts about guides. From angelic, love and light, fluffy bunny shit to hardcore masters, guides are a subject of many, many books and blog posts. For me, the best description is a spirit who is there for guidance, to assist us in growth, to assist us when needed. These spirits are often from our own grouping, and those groups are like a circle of close friends and family. 

But a god as a guide? 

A clue for me was dropped in my lap in early 2000, when a spontaneous out of body experience put me on top of a mesa, surrounded by all these people in robes. After that, I asked a psychic I knew to help me understand the group, and who was standing right in front of me. She reacted and went “Oh.. my god!”

You see, one of my guides decided to project the image of Zeus/Jupiter/Yahweh to her. Not sure what he was thinking, but it got her attention. 

Many religious people, however, do consider their gods as their guide. Their real guides often play along, just to keep the person comfortable. I do feel that some are actually dark beings who pretend to be this person’t god.  

In my case, this was an elder spirit named Daniel. And the story he told me about human’s origins and my own origins was wild and totally unbelievable. Until I read that same story in three different sources. 

So, if we consider most humans have guides, and these guides are usually aligned with us on a spiritual level, then, yes, a lot of us can have gods as guides. 

This can apply when you have a patron deity or daemon. 

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