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The Magick of Aphrodite

The goddess of Love, Beauty, family has far more powers than usually ascribed to her. 

This class, part of my Grecian magick series, will look at her more unusual powers, plus fast methods for getting in contact and making your desire known to her. 

We will be covering material such as:

  • “Bring Them Back” Lover Return rituals
  • “Success is Assured” Business Magick
  • “Healthy Family” Fertility Magick
  • “I’m The God/Goddess” Glamour Magick

Plus three types of Rituals:

  • Standard Ritual with Offerings
  • Simplified Ritual to quickly summon the Goddess.
  • “Hidden” Rituals with just mental work.

Discover how safe it is to work with Aphrodite, how easily she  can bring to you your innermost desires.

Simplified rituals that don’t need specific times to work, and modifications to allow you to work with Aphrodite with as little as a drawing and intention. 

This one lesson class will be available to anyone who purchases the class for as long as Facebook exists.

As always you will receive a handout with all steps clearly outlined.

PLUS: A FREE copy of my “Magick of Aphrodite” e-book!

This is a one lecture class, given LIVE on January 29th, via Zoom, with lifetime access afterwards in a special Facebook group. 

You will be buying the REPLAY

The class is $79.99

The LIVE class is now over. 

You will be purchasing a REPLAY 


I’m Dave. 

My classes have taught hundreds of students how to work magick, and I have taught multiple modes of manifestation. 

I have developed a new look at Left Hand Pathworking. In this class, I will assist the student (You!) in methods of summoning Aphrodite, protecting yourself from impostor beings, the KEY to successful rituals without the need for incense, candles, statues or icons, sacred spaces or any of the other props used by magicians. 

You’ll get a new system where the magick actually works, and there are no complicated rituals or rites to perform. They key is directed energy with assistance.

And this REALLY stuff works!

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