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Magick of the Avatars

Who are the Avatars?

Advanced beings, energy projections into our reality of ancient and highly advanced  beings from outside of our creation. 

They are not gods, but creators. 

I first read about the creator and how she would project into our reality as an avatar, and often appearing as a young woman or young girl. Just to throw off the people she’d appear before. 

She is The Creator

She projects into our reality in order to interact with the sentient beings in our universe. She then must follow her own rules, which include a serious amount of “Free Will” and “Self Rule”.

My guides tell me she is here to assist a select group of humans in taking control of their reality. 


There are other creators who also project into our reality. 

You will be introduced to the one’s who will be assisting us in this endeavor. 

I don’t expect everyone to master this immediately, which is why a new FB group will be created, where I will supply you with on-going support so you can master this new form of Co-Creation.  

This class will be about advanced Creation Avatars who can assist us in co-creating our reality. We will pass beyond mere magick, beyond sorcery, and even further beyond. This isn’t Chaos Magick, it is not High Magick, no beings are summoned, no rituals performed, no offerings, no sacrifices. 

We go to the creator level and beyond, to become Co-Creators of our world. 

Using guided mediation audios, you will enter into a deep trance state, reach out to make contact with The Avatar, and then be introduced to other Avatars who will help guide you to the center of the Universe and to the portal of creation. 

I will be there to assist you in reaching the energy levels necessary to interact with the Avatars. 

I will be working with each student on a one-to-one basis to help everyone see success using this method of Manifestation. 

This workshop/class will consist of 4 lectures via Zoom Video, several downloads (including student guide and meditation audios).

Also, a one-on-one ZOOM call so I can assess your progress.

The first Live Lecture will be April 16th, at 8:30pm Eastern

Second Lecture on April 23rd, at 8:30pm Eastern

Third Lecture on April 30th at 8:30pm Eastern

The last lecture is on May 7th, same time.

Standard enrollment pricing - $299.99

Regular enrollment is from April 5th, 2022 until class time at $299.99

After April 16th, the price goes up to $599.99

If you need a payment plan, I can arrange for that, using Square’s invoicing system.

Please CONTACT me to make this arrangement.   

Also, you can reach out to me on FaceBook via Messenger if you can’t make the email form work.

There will also be live Q&A sessions, scheduled later in the week, starting the 2nd week. 

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