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Bune – LHP Mini-Class

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Is a Goetic Daemon, a duke, the 26th spirit of the Ares Goetia.

Regardless of what you may have heard, working with such a Goetic being is no more harmful than working with an Angelic being.

Possibly even safer!

Class is an Archived Class with video replay downloads

I have worked with Lord Bune for a number of years, going back to my initial drafts of the movie “Furies” and the subsequent novels. In my descriptions, I have described Bune as a man of military bearing, usually wearing a green tunic, sporting a greenish goatee, and when needed, he can shape-shift into a green dragon. 

Interestingly, while doing some research on Bune for another project, I happened onto a blog post by a demonologist who said he appeared to her in a ritual, and she described the exact same form. 

Lord Bune is, perhaps, the safest being to summon out of the Goetic Daemons. In my case, he’s always arrived quietly, only making himself known by causing the incense to either form into the shape of his face, or making a single candle flame flicker.  (see the photo on the left)

Hello fellow travelers.

I’m Dave. A film-maker, photographer, genuine psychic, daemonolatist and teacher.

I have performed multiple rituals for clients, in which Bune delivered clients, customers, raises, new employment… and I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve helped with rituals to Bune on their behalf… Easily a dozen.

He’s powerful in so many ways, and there are plenty of resources on how to use Bune to summon money into your life. But in many blogs and videos I’ve watched, people tell of their struggles to summon Bune successfully, much less get him to deliver on a petition.

So, I put together this class.

I will teach:

  • Three ways to summon Bune that WORK.
  • Types of petitions.
  • Safeguards (not actually needed)
  • Common offerings
  • Effective wording of a petition
  • Direct communication with Bune
  • Troubleshooting non-working magick

This class is only $59.99

See what my past students have to say!

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