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High Magik Classes

  • Imagine yourself waking up each morning ready to take on your day powerfully and knowing that your money troubles where a thing of the past…
  • Imagine going to the store and buying what you WANT without counting coins…
  • Imagine being able to provide for your kids easily so they can have whatever it is they want /need without you stressing out how on earth you will pay for it.
  • Imagine family vacations to some of the coolest places on earth and knowing that when you get home the money you spent will be right back into your account.
  • Imagine being happy and healthy taking great care of your physical, mental and emotional body with the best food, classes, support you need without flinching.
  • Imagine FINALLY having the relationship you dreamed of. You and your spouse getting along, maybe you reignited an old flame how about marrying the partner of your dreams?
  • Imagine living in YOUR home driving YOUR dream car? How about being able to help those around you? Your community? Maybe even making a HUGE impact on humanity GLOBALLY?

All of these things are totally POSSIBLE! They happen to people like you, like me EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Right now they maybe a dream, a wish, a deep desire and you either:

Tried EVERYTHING to achieve your desires and STILL have yet to see results.
You have used vision boards, affirmations, dabbled in other forms of magick yet you may still be waiting to achieve your desire.

You are a manifesting expert manifesting similar things to what I shared above however they may not be happening consistent, perhaps they may not be exact or there are certain things you are a wiz at manifesting and others not so much.. Maybe you just want to turbo charge your manifestations.

What will you learn in High Magik?

  • What IS High Magik and WHY You want to use it right away!
  • How High Magik can get you the Wealth, Health, Love & Life you want!
  • Invocation vs Evocation. Learn WHY Evocation is better.
  • Learn how to SUPERCHARGE your manifestations so you don’t have to waste your TIME & ENERGY.
  • I’m going to personally introduce you to the SECRET SAUCE to making you a MANIFESTING POWERHOUSE
  • This system pulls from traditional High Magick,
  • It is the magik of power and energy.
  • The Magik of RESULTS over Dogma.
  • High Magik is a smoosh-up of multiple magikal disciplines.
  • The system is extremely potent yet EASY as you only get the most important parts from each path.

In a few short weeks you will learn the basics and how to formulate your own ritual and will be ready to perform it right away!

Delivered to you via an online learning platform, where you will have lifetime access.

High Magik 101 – $145.00

High Magick 202 & 303 – $159.00

Previous Student's Successes

So, I have to share my story. I did the high magick ritual with Dave. I have been so busy putting up hay I was not able to do the full ritual (as I should have). I used Lakshmi as my deity through an amazing experience with my daughter (I already shared this). I did the sigil but did not take the time to anoint my candle and burn it. I did however release it into manifestation. This was to obtain more financial income for our ranch corporation. If you are familiar with ranching, there is usually an annual payment from the sale of calves, and cows that did not breed. Well, here is the AMAZINGNESS!!! A day after the ritual we started getting calls to do some custom haying for some neighbors. INCOME...THIS REALLY WORKED!!! A neighbor that had asked us previous to the ritual to do his hay had a different neighbor start haying for him. This made me feel super betrayed and upset. So, I realized, here, that I should have done the anointing and added some protection in. (Great learning experience!) From this point I was directing my frustration and anger to the neighbors that had taken the job away from us as well as the neighbor that gave it away. This direction resulted in the neighbors swather (giant field mower) to break down and not able to get parts for some time. Then, the neighbor that still had more hay to cut called me from the neighbor who took the jobs phone and asked us to come and finish cutting his fields for him. In the end, MORE INCOME, $8,000 and next time a completed ritual is worth, in this case, an additional $1500. Thank you both for your AMAZING teachings!!!
Desiree Bertsch-Thielen
I have to share this story with you all. This is our son Julian. He's 17.5 and a few months ago we were told that without a double lung transplant he - maybe - only had until the end of of the year to live. I signed up for the Magik 101 class with Dave & Lisa and when Julian learned what it was about he asked me to do a 'mega manifestation' to get him new lungs. About 4 weeks ago, on a Sunday night and after advice from both Dave and Lisa and a friend separate to this group, I performed my first ritual for the God Apollo. I asked that Julian have a strong and healthy body. 17 days ago we got the call that there was a potential donor for Julian to receive new lings from. After 9 hours in surgery (the surgeon told us his was the worst case he had ever seen with someone that had his condition) and a hell of a time in with a few complications in ICU, Julian is now on the long road to recovery. I want to say thank you to Dave and Lisa for helping me find the confidence in myself and obviously to the God Apollo for giving my son the opportunity to live a new life
Wow, There are not enough words to describe the amazing talent Dave has and the ongoing help and support he gives. I have had several readings with Dave, all of which have spot on over the last 9 months or so. He also has been working with my son and through the creation of his servitor has completely changed my sons life for the better. For this alone, I would be eternally grateful, but Dave has gone on to help him develop his magik which for many years he tried to ignore. Dave has also done rituals to help a very sick friend of mine and the difference in her is amazing. She was unaware of what he did for her and couldnt understand why she was suddenly feeling better and her symptoms easing. Dave is also helping me to improve my magik and constantly provides support with any questions or problems. This guy is the real deal, you cant go wrong with him working with you

But First: A Warning!

This is very powerful material. When worked properly, you may see unexpected results. These rituals and petitions are like electricity, the energy will flow in the direction of the intended output. In saying this, please be firm in your intentions and make absolutely sure what you want is truly want you desire.

As they say, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

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