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Left Hand Path Mini Class: Lilith

A smaller, short class covering the legend of Lilith, and how to use her in a ritual for wealth, love and controlling others. 

Only $49.99

This is a one lecture class, from which my Lilith book was created.

This is a video play only of the live class from 2021

Money Magick with Lilith

Karma Magick using Lilith

Protect your Family

  • Learn Lilith’s myth, her origins, and the reality of working with this powerful goddess.
  • Learn how to invoke her without the use of incense, candles and chants. 
  • Learn how to stay “hidden” while working Left Hand Magick.
  • Learn why I consider Lilith THE goddess of feminism. 
  • Learn how easy it is to work with a Goddess
  • Discover how SAFE it is to work with a powerful goddess.

How to Protect your house.

Sex and Love Magick



I’m Dave. 

My classes have taught hundreds of students how to work magick, and I have taught multiple modes of manifestation. 

I have developed a new look at Left Hand Pathworking. In this class, I will assist the student (You!) in methods of summoning Lilith, protecting yourself from impostor beings, the KEY to successful rituals without the need for incense, candles, statues or icons, sacred spaces or any of the other props used by magicians. 

You’ll get a new system where the magick actually works, and there are no complicated rituals or rites to perform. They key is directed energy with assistance.

And this REALLY stuff works!

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