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Hermes for Wealth and Business

The Egyptians call him Thoth, Ibis headed god of writing, magic, wisdom, and the moon.

In Ancient Greece, Hermes was the god of wealth and commerce. 

Romans knew him as Mercury, messenger of the Gods. 

No matter who you know him as, he’s a perfect God to call upon in matters of wealth and business. 

The Magick of Hermes

Over four years ago I began to work my ritual magick again after a hiatus of five years.  One of the characters in my Furies project was Hermes. So, I figured to make contact and get to know him as a character.

Like most of the other beings, Hermes arrived quickly after my summoning. This consisted of a lengthy prayer, a lot of puffery language, which is to stroke the god’s ego. 

So, he shows up. We communicate. 

Then I asked him how one can work with him and how can he help me?  I was given a basic ritual, and I started working it. 

I then performed multiple rituals for clients, in which Hermes delivered clients, customers, raises, new employment… and I lose count of how many people I’ve helped with rituals to Hermes on their behalf… Easily a dozen.

He’s powerful in so many ways, and I was surprised to see that there are so few books on Amazon regarding his abilities to assist people!  

So, I put together this class.

Only $74.99!

You are purchasing an REPLAY.

Like my other one-day classes, we’ll look at Hermes’ TRUE origins, then I’ll outline several rituals you can use immediately!

Rituals that don’t need specific times to work, and modifications to allow you to work with Hermes with as little as a drawing and intention. 

This one lesson class will be available to anyone who purchases the class for as long as Facebook exists.

I summoned Hermes for Robin and as you can see, it was very, very successful. 

Only $74.99!

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