Dave Thompson – Occult Writer and Psychic

High Magick Masterclass

A SEVEN (7) week master course in magick!

Seven modules with seven lectures. 

Seven is a special number in occult and magik. Which is why this Masterclass is so awesome!

All magik here is both dogma free and certified free range. No egos allowed.

Seven Weeks, Seven Modules, multiple lessons in each module!

Pre-enrollment is only $399.99. 

Regular price, $699.99

Easily, the most expensive class I have ever given.  but this is the BIGGEST class I have ever written!

Optional – One on One Tutoring, adds $150.00 to overall price. 

Payment Plans available.

What this course will cover

Ceremonial High Magick 

  • Materials Needed
  • Sanctifying Your Space
  • Casting a Circle
  • Calling the elements

Abbreviated High Magick

  • What is REALLY needed in your circle
  • Running a fast and quick ritual, anywhere at anytime
  • Shortcuts to access the power of a full High Magick ritual, but without all the *BS*

High Magick Gods/Goddesses

  • When to use a deity
  • Best Practices
  • Not pissing off the deity
  • How to make Gods laugh

High Magick Daemons/Daemonesses

  • Daemon or just out of favor god?
  • Best Practices
    • Protective Circles
  • Dangerous Daemons (AKA Real Demons)
    • Summoning a being like Sorath

Advanced Pathworking

  • Pathworking any being
  • Common practices
  • Safeguards and protection visuals
  • Contacting and asking for a visual series to contact ANY being

Ritual Templates

  • God/Goddess magick Ritual
  • Daemonic Ritual

Divination Techniques

  • Tarot
  • Pendulum
  • Scrying Mirror
  • Crystal Ball

Other Magick Systems

  • Chaos Magick
  • Sex Magick
  • Sigil Magick

Pre-enrollment discount of $300.00. Enroll now, $399.99

Enroll before April 30, save $300.00!!!


Pre-sales Level 1: April 22nd through April 30th – $399.99

Pre-sales Level 2: May 1 through May 7th – $549.99

Regular enrollment: May 8th through start of class, May 18th. $699.99

Save $300 April 22 through April 30

Save $150 May 1 through May 7

Regular Price from the 8th until archived. 

Payment Plans available.

Yeah, I have gone on record that summoning a being like Sorath can be very dangerous. 

However, His Darkness, the Demon of the Black Sun, has agreed to assist anyone who summons him using my methods, and he will behave himself. 

Even so, I will teach you how to control what is possibly the most powerful dark demon in existence. 

All this, 7 weeks of lectures, a lot of work!

Special Pre-enrollment price of $399.99.

Full price is $699.99

Payment plans available! 

I’m Dave. 

My classes have taught hundreds of students how to work magick, and I have taught multiple modes of manifestation. 

I have developed this concept where the Law of Attraction (how it is presented in modern mass media) is leveraged into real manifestation magick. 

You’ll get a new system where the affirmations actually work, and there are no complicated rituals or rites to perform. They key is directed energy with assistance.

And this REALLY stuff works!

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