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LHP Mini Class Nitika

Nitika Money Magick

The use of this unique cosmic being in all forms of Money Magick.

Nitika is neither demon, nor is he a god. He’s somewhere in between.

He works quickly, if addressed in the correct manner.

This Mini-Class will cover how to summon him, the easiest methods of working with him, and getting solid results, quickly!

This class is only $48.99! Replay only via video download

Nitika is an interesting spirit to work with, and I’ve worked with this one for several years.

There seems to be very little information about Nitika, except for the sigil. A book only uses him to create a “magick cash book” but there are methods of contact and methods of petitioning Nitika which bypasses the lengthy approaches used by most sources.

As always, my teaching methods will give you all the necessary information to work Money Draw magick with Nitika. 

Nitika doesn’t need any elaborate tools or props, just straight forward manifestation magick. 

This is a REPLAY. Watch your email for directions on how to access.

Only 48.95!

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