Dave Thompson – Occult Writer and Psychic

Luciferian Money Magick

Manifest Money and Wealth using the most powerful being in the Daemonic Universe: Lucifer

Now Available as a REPLAY




The Fallen One.

Perhaps the most powerful being one can call upon to manifest wealth and money, and most any other type of magick and desire. 

Results happen quickly. 


While I was in Austin, my daughter called me crying. She’d just lost her job and had no idea where her rent money would come from. 

I reached out to Lucifer, in a method I will teach you, and made contact. I simply asked him to help my daughter. 

Within 12 hours. Just 12 hours! My daughter was not only offered a MUCH better job, but her side-gig boss at a horse ranch GIFTED her $1,500. 

In what some are calling “Dave’s Method”, I will teach you to make quick contact with Lucifer, in one of his 4 aspects, and work towards manifesting not just what you need, but also what you want

(Yes, those are often two different things)

Offered now as a replay only, with links to download the material and videos – 

Class Day One was 37 minutes long

Class Day Two was 1 hr 3 minutes. 

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