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Divination and Trouble Shooting Your Magick

What to do if your magick stops working, or doesn't even work period.

Let's face it. Sometimes Magick just fails.

Magick may start working, then fizzle.

Magick might not even TRY to work. 

What do you do then? Some decide to keep throwing energy after energy, working ritual after ritual. 

“Everything but the kitchen sink”

Hell, sometimes they’ll even throw the kitchen sink into the mix!

But that is the wrong approach.

You’re not going to try to eat a 3/4″ inch hex nut, and you can’t assemble a new BBQ grill using Cashew Nuts. 

So why keep throwing energy at a problem, without taking a step back to SEE what might be holding up the magick?

That’s like trying to find a black cat in a dark room using a party balloon.

Yeah. We call two different things "Nuts" but only one type is squirrel food. 

As always, Dave’s mini-classes are CHEAP. Only $44.99 (until day of class)

About Dave:

Dave has been working magick for decades. Yet, he also holds a science degree from the University of Texas, which included TEACHING astronomy – so he knows a thing or two about science. 

As a magick teacher, he’s always assisting students in achieving their goals by using his abilities to hear spirit. 

You’ll benefit from Dave’s decades of experience and learn the tools needed to figure out what went wrong and how to address that problem.

What we’ll cover:

  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • One step at a time. 
  • Variables or Constants?
  • The “Scientific Method” and how it applies to magick. 
  • Contacting Spirit to ask WHAT HAPPENED?
  • Methods for contacting spirit, even if you can’t hear a spirit.
  • Methods of Divination such as tarot, pendulum, spirit board, mirrors, and the like. 
  • WHY most magick fails!
  • TWO methods to remove blocks and outside interference

This class will be given LIVE on May 29th, at 9PM Eastern Time.

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