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Verrine Healing energy

Verrine Healing Ritual

Option One – Name on healing altar for 24 hours – $49.99

Option Two – Full individualized Ritual – 249.99

Who is Verrine?

Verrine is a Demon who appears to be as a woman of great strength. 

She is committed to health and wellness, the restoration of the self and the restoration of the soul. Her approach to health is very holistic, drawing from multiple sources and seeking to help balance the body and realign it back with its natural self. Working to elevate the energies of the aura he raises the vibration of the soul and returns one back to their source energy. 

Her unique mix of energies allow him to blend working with the darkness of divinity and also the light in an incredibly balanced and profound way. This makes her an incredible healer for anyone on any spiritual path. Her energy is lighter and it is very aligned with the higher vibrational demonic realms.

Verrine can increase the body’s ability to heal and recover—from sleep deprivation, for example. In addition to this, she can increase the body’s resistance to the side effects of sleep deprivation. She can empower your aura so that it converts incoming energy into blessings. 

Her auspices are useful for all workings intended to engender protection.

Verrine represents the positive polarity of life.

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From a very satisfied Client regarding Verrine

I have a friend who is sadly suffering from terminal cancer and was in a great deal of discomfort with pain, could only eat very little and unable to sleep very well. She because of this had very little energy to do anything. I approached Dave several months ago, almost begging him for help as this person has been a lifelong friend and I would do anything it took to ease her suffering. Dave came back with a ritual he thought may help to Verrine. I asked him to do this and within a few days, things started to turn around for my friend. Her energy increased, she was able to eat and keep a little more down and her sleep improved. This improvement lasted a few months, until the cancer progressed to the next stage. I had asked Dave for help alleviating her symptoms and thats what he did. So grateful for his help with her. Regards Cheryl

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