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Being Psychic and Energy Sensitivity

Being Psychic and Energy Sensitivity
Confessions Episode 16

I want to talk about Energy sensitivity.

Many of us are sensitive to the energy around us, and any magik fields we might encounter. Especially, if you have any psychic abilities.

Last night, after invoking a total of five powerful beings, I stood up and felt wobbly. As if I had a sudden drop in blood pressure. The air felt thick (beyond the incense smoke). I had to stand a moment and wait for the dizziness to pass.

That stuck with me for about an hour after this ritual.

Not the first time I’ve been affected by energy.

I first noticed this in 2000, on a road trip from Texas to the Grand Canyon. My buddy and I were driving along AZ 64, and we kept seeing signs for “Friendly Indians Ahead”.

After we passed a few, he decided to stop at this one huge tent, so he could get a souvenir for his family and I wanted to pick something out for my daughter (who was 8 at the time).

I was fine until I entered the front of the tent, then it felt like the whole place tilted a bit. I felt dizzy, almost a touch of vertigo.

I asked the old guy if I could sit down a moment. He waved his hand at a chair and I sat down, blinking. Then I realized, I was in an area of huge energy. I looked at the old guy, who was looking back at me. “You have strong magik, sir.” He just winked and said “You’ll feel better in a few minutes.”

He was right, and I eventually picked out a couple of do-dads for my kid.

This trip took us from Austin, to Phoenix, up through Sedona, then to the Canyon. I also had two sudden out of body experiences while in Sedona.

Sometimes, the energy makes me feel as if I suddenly had the flu. Not just dizzy, but nauseous.

This is ALWAYS when I encounter something very, very dark. I was dragged to a religious meeting for an Indian guru, who proclaimed himself a living god. During this, I’m barefoot on a pillow as the people up front played music. Then I started getting ill, and I saw a black shadow flow out of the photo at the front, snaking around the worshippers. I had to excuse myself and I got out of there. What-ever they were calling forth wasn’t good.

A buddy of mine wanted me to check out this 100-year old house on his father’s farm. I was hit again by the flu-like feelings when I went into a bedroom. Hell, it felt like the room was tilting. It was an August afternoon, and if you know central Texas in August, you know that the temperatures were usually near 100 each day. Yet, this room was cold. Kenneth’s brother said it was because of the high ceilings.

Yeah, right.

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