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When Life Gets in the Way

When Life Gets in the Way
A post in a series I’m doing about common topics in magick.
Often, and without even knowing it, life sometimes gets in the way of manifesting (or magick) happening.
This happens way more often than you can imagine. I know, it has happened to me. You get all tied up in life, working that job, and dealing with the never ending stuff that tends to fill your day, and then you realize “Damn, none of what I wanted to manifest has happened!”
It’s almost as if there is energy working against you, and you feel frustrated and exhausted. It tends to spiral, getting worse week after week, and sometimes it gets to where it’s urgent you manifest that desire.
As any teacher will tell you, it’s difficult (not impossible) to manifest when under deadlines, stressful conditions, and so frustrated you have no idea what to do.
And the last thing you need to hear is that you should meditate for hours each day (where will that time come from? Especially if you have kids!) or that maybe you should journal and do all these focusing exercises.
What you are dealing with is chaotic energy looping around you. This chaotic energy will make you feel tired. It sometimes attracts beings who feed on this energy, but the chances of an actual “dark” being causing your misfortune and chaos is remote. Very remote.
So, okay, Dave! What the (expletive deleted) do I do about it?
What, indeed.
I usually suggest more magick. Yes, if magick doesn’t seem to be working, work MORE OF IT!
Many things can be done without calling upon a spirit, so if you’re not into the old “Theurgy” stuff, you can still do something to break through the problem.
And skip the suggested journaling and meditation. Although, I have found certain types of guided meditation can assist in generating the time to work magick. Time is elastic, and you can make the time to work magick by simply deciding you have the time to work it.
One suggestion I always give to people asking me for help: Work a block opener. These are damned simple exercises and are very effective.
Obtain a small orange ritual/chime candle. Coat it with a light oil and black salt (a small bit of charcoal crushed and mixed with table salt). Put this in the most robust candle beholder you have, and when lighting the candle, tell it to remove all blocks and obstacles.
Next, work a reversing candle. Easily found online, you can make one by flipping a small red chime candle. Lop off the top, carve the bottom to expose the wick, a bit of black salt, and light this, telling the candle to neutralize any non-beneficial energies in your area.
(Don’t be surprised if this magick also makes some people in your life go away. You’d be surprised at who might be blocking you.)
That’s just the beginning. But wait to work any further magick until the reversing or block clearing candles have done their jobs
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