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Magick Ink (Part 2)

Part 2 – using the ink

My past post I go over how to make the magick ink.

Now, it’s time to use it.

I use a cheap fountain pen, a Jinhao 450, but with a new nib, Nemosine F. I used a wider tip than I’d normally use as the ink has blood in it, which makes it thicker.

The Jinhao comes with an Standard International Converter so you can use bottled ink. I used an ink syringe to fill the converter and then put it in the pen. You can slowly twist the end of the converter to force ink out the nib, then it’s ready to write.

I have found doing it this way, even with a “stock” nib on the pen, the best way to write petitions without a lot of fuss. I can write quickly and not have to dip the pen when it runs out of ink every third word.

I blurred out my petition…

The Jinhao 450 on Amazon

The one I use is flat black, which fits into the theme of working magick.

Thanks for reading!


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