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Making Magick Ink (Part 1)

Magick Ink

Magick Ink.

I write in my books about the use of magick ink, and I usually quickly go over how to make the stuff.

I figure to go over it in a bit more detail in this post.

First, using a diabetic lancet, poke a finger. I use the insert type lancets, as they’re cheaper.

Poked myself…. OW!!!!

Unless you are making as much as I make, a single drop will work.

I use a ink device called “Ink Miser” (found here: Amazon or at this pen site: Goulet Pens)

After a couple of small drop of my blood, I’ll use a pipette to add the ink. In this case, from a small bottle of “Ancient Copper” from Diamine Ink, UK.

Empty ink bottle, Ink Miser, ink with the pipette

I prefer a brownish or red ink for petitions, especially when I use magick ink. It’s not necessary, you can use black, green, blue… or even iridescent purple, it DOES NOT MATTER. Just that you are writing your petitions with ink that contains your blood.

When working with Daemons, it’s advisable to also use a drop of blood on their sigil as an offering/sacrifice.

Using Magick Ink with gods/goddesses? I’ve done a lot of work with Apollo and Hermes, and they haven’t made any noise about my ink.

List of what I use is here for making magick ink:  (Yes, links are affiliate links…)

Ink, Diamine Ancient Copper

Ink Miser


Diabetic Lancets

Another photo of making another small amount of magick ink, including the lancet ready for use.

Part two coming up soon!


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