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Power of Belief

Power of Belief

In my latest book, I talk about those times when it seems as if magick simply can’t work.

It’s not that the magick can’t work, it’s that you can’t make it work. Something is blocking the magick. That block in you. Your thoughts. Good old Doubting Debbie.

How do you get the magick to work?

Let me talk about what I call “The Santa Claus Effect”.

What’s that?

A child believes in Santa. If their wish is sincere, and they behave themselves, Santa will bring them presents.

Yeah, so?

Let me share what happened one Christmas that convinced my daughter that Santa is real. Hell, it convinced ME!

We have to go back to 1999. My daughter had a special toy given to her by her grandmother, a gift from the New Orleans Zoo, a purple dinosaur puppet. One day, she had left this puppet in the backyard of a neighbor, and their dogs played with it, tearing it up. Damn.

I figured I could locate another one, and told my daughter maybe Santa will bring her another.

What I didn’t figure on was the impossibility of finding another one in Austin. I contacted Grandma in New Orleans and asked about a replacement. Seems the toy was discontinued. Oooo… Shit.

Meanwhile, my daughter keeps talking about how Santa is going to bring her another dinosaur.

It was Dec 17th when I finally found one, in the early days of online commerce. So, Santa delivered by having me find one at a small toy store online, and it was shipped and arrived by Dec 24th.

The magick of a child’s belief in Santa creates situations where the child gets the toy. Yeah, the magick works through a parent, grandparent, or Brown Santa, but the magick works.

So, reclaim the child-like belief in the magick, and watch as your magick begins to work.

(*Otherwise, see my “Life Gets in the Way” post… on what to do when life gets in the way.)

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